No time to tag? Our Professional Consignment Service is available to help families who may want to consign but just don’t have the time. Simply drop your items off and our Professional Consignor will take care of everything! It doesn’t get any easier than this!

Space is limited! The deadline for accepting new items is 2 weeks before the next sale.

How it Works

To begin, email our Professional Consignor (PC) to schedule your drop off appointment several weeks ahead of the sale. Our PC will arrange to meet with you in the State College area.

Next, gather at least 15 items paying close attention to our Quality Standards and our Accepted Items List. Our PC will reject any items that do not meet these guidelines. Rejected items will be donated.

Meet with our PC to drop off your items. Please make sure your items are packaged in boxes or bags that you will not need back. Each package should be clearly labeled with your first and last name.

After the drop off appointment, our PC will properly package, hang, tag and competitively price your items. Due to the large quantity of items our PC is working with each sale, all items will be marked REDUCE and DONATE. This means all of your items will reduce for the the 1/2 Price Sale and any unsold items will be donated at the end of the sale.

Finally, our PC will drop off your items at Penn Skates. Your consignment check will be mailed to your home address after the sale.


  • Shop early! You will be invited to shop Rugrats Presale with the Consignors @ 4pm
  • Skip Tagging! Let our Professional Consignor tag and package your items
  • Avoid Consignor Drop Off! Your items will be dropped off at Penn Skates
  • No Pick Up! There is no need to return to Penn Skates after the sale

Fees and Earnings

  • A $6 consignment fee will be deducted from your earnings
  • You will receive 40% of your item’s selling price
  • Volunteer for 4 or more shifts to increase your percentage to 50%

Ready to get started?

Please do not set up your own Consignor account if you plan to use the Professional Consignment Service. We will handle this for you.

Email us at to schedule your drop off appointment today!