Rugrats Resale depends on our Volunteers for a smooth running sale. Volunteer shifts generally run for 3 hours. Certain shifts count as two shifts toward the volunteer incentives. If you aren’t physically able to work the sale, we offer a limited number of non-labor shifts.

When you volunteer to work our sale, here is what you can expect to be doing:


Work Shift Descriptions

Sale Floor Set Up

  • Help unload the truck
  • Assemble racks and tables
  • Position tables and fixtures on the sale floor
  • Worth 2 shifts

  • Requires lifting and physical activity

Consignor Drop Off

  • Check in Consignors
  • Inspect and accept Consignor items
  • Place items on the sale floor

Spraying / Stocking Sale Floor

  • Carry items outside to be sprayed
  • Place sprayed items on the sale floor
  • You will not be handling the anti-microbial spray

Presale Setup

  • Final sale floor organization

Sale Work Shift

  • Greet Shoppers & stroller check
  • Monitor the holding area
  • Re-rack items and tidy the sale floor
  • Help Shoppers remove hangers and bag purchases


  • Pull donated items from the sale floor
  • Organize unsold items into Consignor piles
  • Work as a team to be as efficient as possible
  • Worth 2 shifts

  • Requires lifting and physical activity

Consignor Pick Up

  • Verify Consignor piles
  • Assist Consignors with pick up
  • Begin disassembling fixtures
  • Worth 2 shifts

  • Requires lifting and physical activity

Tear Down

  • Disassemble racks & tables
  • Help load the truck
  • Help clean the sale area
  • Worth 2 shifts

  • Requires lifting and physical activity

Non-labor Shift Descriptions

These shifts are limited to 2 per person and may not be used toward 3 and 4 shift incentives.

Water & Snacks

Water and snacks are made available to our Volunteers during their work shifts. The following items must all be delivered prior to Consignor Drop Off:

  • 1 case of 24 ct 16+ oz water bottles
  • 1 package of 20+ ct individually wrapped snack items (eg. chips, granola bars, rice krispie treats, etc) or 2 bags of fresh fruit (apples, oranges, bananas, etc)

Local Business Gift Card

Gift cards are awarded to select Volunteers after the sale. Please provide a $15 gift card to any of the following local businesses: