Consigning at Multiple Sales

If you would like to sell at multiple sales, please read these important instructions for registration and entering items.  If this process is not followed, inventory will not be able to be transferred and will need to be retagged between sales.   

Step 1: Register for an account with Rugrats Resale State College by clicking here.  (If you have previously done this because you sold in a prior Rugrats sale and you have your consignor number, you will simply log in to your account here using that number to register for this sale.)  You will be assigned a consignor number.  THIS NUMBER IS IMPORTANT!

Step 2: Register for an account with Rugrats Resale Altoona by clicking here.  During this registration, you will be given the opportunity to enter your choice for a consignor number. (You weren't given this option when you registered for Rugrats Resale State College.)  Enter the consignor number that you were assigned from the State College sale (from Step 1) in this spot.  You must register in this order to get the same consignor number for both sales.  As long as you have the same consignor number for both sales, you can transfer inventory without retagging it between sales. 

Step 3: Register for an account with Just Kids Resale by clicking here.  You will again be assigned a random number.  Email with both numbers so your Just Kids number can be changed to match Rugrats.

Step 4: Enter ALL inventory into whichever sale is first before the tagging deadline.  Do not enter anything into the second or third sales yet, or the tags will need reprinted when you transfer.

Step 5: After the first sale is completely finished, you will receive an email when its time to transfer the unsold items over to the next sale  Do not do this before you receive the email as it will mess up your reports for the completed sale.

Step 6: After transferring items from the first sale to the second sale, you can enter any additional items that you may have.  This must be done before the next deadline.

Step 7: After the second sale is over, you will repeat steps 5 and 6 for the third sale. 

NOTE:  Step 2 or 3 can be skipped if you prefer to only sell with two sales.

If you have any questions as all, please email us so we can make sure that everyone registers properly.  When this process is followed, items will be able to go to both sales without having to be retagged in between.  You can simply pick up your unsold items from one sale and take them to next sale for second and third chances to sell!