Rugrats Resale

Consignor Agreement

In consideration for the opportunity to participate in and profit from Rugrats Resale (RR) consignment sales, the undersigned Consignor agrees to the following:

  • Consignor agrees to hold harmless and make no claim against RR, Annette Thompson (the owner), the lessee of the space where the sale is held, any worker, or the insurer of RR for the damage, theft, or loss of any items consigned to RR. RR does not anticipate any theft, damage, or loss but occasionally these events may occur.

  • Consignor agrees to waive any and all claims of personal injury resulting from participation in any RR consignment sale from whatever cause either foreseen or unforeseen against RR, Annette Thompson, the lessee of the space where the sale is held, any RR worker, or the insurer of RR.

  • Consignor agrees that consigning items without working batteries will result in a Battery Replacement Fee of $1 per battery. This fee will be deducted from Consignor’s percentage of earnings.

  • Consignor agrees that the accuracy of the information printed on the tags is the responsibility of the Consignor alone. Items marked ‘REDUCE’ will be sold for half of the original price at the ½ Price Sale. Items with a black dot will be donated at the end of the sale to an organization designated by RR.

  • Consignor agrees that items found to be missing tags, recalled, or that deviate from RR’s stated Quality Standards will be pulled from the sale floor and placed in a designated area. Consignor agrees to check this area during pickup.

  • Consignor agrees that RR may withhold a few consigned items from the Presale to restock for the public sale.

  • Consignor agrees that any items not picked up by the end of the Consignor pick up period will become property of RR. Consignor also agrees to a $15 non-pickup fee if these items were not marked for donate. This includes unsold items, items with lost tags, recalled items, and rejected items.

  • Consignor agrees that any attempt to deceive the shopper will result in a Deceptive Item Fee. This fee will be equal to the full price listed on the tag plus $10 for each item found to be deceptive. Deceptive items include, but are not limited to, items that are: broken, missing pieces, or falsely described on the tag. This fee will be deducted from Consignor’s percentage of earnings. Repeat offenders will be banned from future sales.

  • Consignor agrees to the following distribution of consignment proceeds: Consignors will receive 70% and RR will receive 30%. An $8 consignment fee and any other applicable fees will be deducted from Consignor’s percentage of earnings.

  • Consignor agrees to receive their consignment payment via echeck at the email address entered in MyRugrats. The Consignor alone is responsible for ensuring the accuracy of this address.

  • Consignor agrees to print and deposit consignment check within 60 days of receipt and to VOID any check older than 60 days. Consignment checks will be emailed no later than 5 days after the close of the sale and will be received instantly.

  • ​ Adding your cell number to your account will add you to our Consignor Texting service. You will receive notifications and reminders about consigning, the schedule & other updates to help you succeed as a seller with us. We will do our best not to bug you or send you messages when you're probably asleep. Read below for the required terms & conditions from our messaging provider.

​SMS/MMS Terms & Conditions

By participating, you consent to receive recurring autodialed SMS/MMS promotional messages (up to 10 messages per month). No purchase required. Standard message & data rates may apply. At anytime, you may reply STOP to unsubscribe.