Fast Pass

What is a Fast Pass?

  • A consignor earns a Fast Pass by consistently bringing high quality merchandise to be sold at Rugrats and Just Kids sales!

  • Fast Pass Consignors still need to choose a drop off appointment, but should choose the one designated for Fast Pass Consignors. Please only chose this spot if your number is listed below. All others will be removed.

Fast Pass Benefit

  • Skip inspection and drop off items anytime between 8:15am and 6:00pm on drop off day!

Earning the Fast Pass

  • In order to earn this distinction, a consignor must have participated in the last two sale seasons and show a history of:

    • NO items rejected at drop off inspection

    • NO items pulled from the floor during the sale

    • NO tag issues encountered during the sale at checkout

Keeping the Fast Pass

  • Continue consigning great items as outlined on the Accepted Items and Quality Standards pages! The Fast Pass will be revoked after the third missed sale season.

  • Make sure your tags are accurate and clear so that they scan and match up with the correct item in the inventory. A hand altered tag or an incorrect item tag counts as a pulled or rejected item.

  • When a consignor reaches 8 pulled or rejected items within three sale seasons across all sale cities, the Fast Pass will be revoked and need to be re-earned. These items will be tracked and tallied after each sale.