Professional Consignment Service (PCS)

The Professional Consignment Service will close on February 21, 2023 for the Spring 2023 Season. Any registrations received after that date will not be processed.

The last day to get items to your Professional Consignors is February 26, 2023.

PCS Consignor Incentives

  • Make $$ on items your kids have outgrown! Our average PCS consignor makes around $125!

  • Skip Tagging! Let our Professional Consignor tag and package your items

  • Shop early! Consigning earns you an invitation to shop the Presale before the general public! Check out the Presale page for an exact time.

  • Declutter and recoup precious storage space at home.

  • Skip Consignor Pick Up and easily make a tax-deductible contribution to a non-profit organization with a printable donation list.

Fees & Earnings

  • PCS Consignors receive 40% of the item’s selling price

  • An $8 consignment fee is deducted from the consignment check

Ready to get started?

​To begin, sign up for the service using the form at the bottom of this page. You will be assigned a Professional Consignor (PC), and she will email you to schedule your drop off appointment several weeks ahead of the first sale. Our PC will arrange to meet with you in the State College or Altoona area.

Next, gather at least 15 items paying close attention to our Quality Standards and our Accepted Items List found in the sections below. Our PC will reject any items that do not meet these guidelines. Rejected items will be automatically donated.

Meet with our PC to drop off your items. Please make sure your items are packaged in boxes or bags that you will not need back. Each package should be clearly labeled with your first and last name.

After you meet, our PC will properly package, hang, tag and competitively price your items. Due to the large quantity of items our PC is working with each sale, all items will be marked REDUCE and DONATE. This means all of your items will reduce for the the 1/2 Price Sale and any unsold items will be donated at the end of the second sale.

Finally, our PC will drop off your items at the first sale location, then transport them to the second sale location. Your consignment check will be sent to the email address in your registration.

Please do not set up your own Consignor account if you plan to use the Professional Consignment Service. We will handle this for you. Simply fill out the following form and agree to the terms at the bottom of the page to be signed up for the PCS!

Professional consigned items will be sold in the State College and Altoona sales only. They will NOT be transported to the Bellefonte or Clearfield sale.

Quality Standards

Rugrats Resale strives to provide the best possible experience for our Shoppers. Part of that experience is ensuring the items available at Rugrats Resale events are held to a high quality standard. Keeping the quality level high not only benefits shoppers, but it ensures you – as a Consignor – see the highest return. Please only send items to your PC that you yourself would consider purchasing.

​​Consigned items shall:

  • Be new or in gently-used condition

  • Be clean and freshly laundered

  • Be in current style

  • Have all pieces included

  • Have working batteries

Do not list items that are:

  • Worn-out, faded, or stained

  • Dirty or have an offensive odor

  • Recalled

  • Missing critical pieces

  • Broken or inoperable

A detailed list of Accepted Items can be found here.

Accepted Items

The following are examples of what we accept – and don’t accept – for consignment at Rugrats Resale events. These lists are to serve as guides. We generally accept most children’s item provided it is in excellent condition. If you have questions about an item, feel free to contact us!

​These examples are almost always accepted at Rugrats Resale!

  • New and Gently Used Children’s Clothing: We accept size Preemie to children’s 20. Please only list items for the current season. Clothing must be clean and free of any stains or holes. All zippers and snaps must function properly.

  • Shoes: We accept Infant size 0 though Big Kid size 7. Shoes must be clean and without excessive wear – the sole should still have a tread and not be smooth. Please only list footwear for the current season.

  • Toys: Toys should include all major parts. If a minor part is missing, it should be clearly noted on the tag. Battery operated toys must include working batteries, functional battery covers, and applicable chargers.

  • Books: Children’s and Maternity hardcover and paperback books are welcome. Books should be in good condition, free of writing and torn pages. Partially completed activity/sticker books are not accepted.

  • Video Games, DVDs, & CDs: Games rated ESRB TEEN and under and Children’s DVDs rated G and PG are welcome at our sale. Children’s music CDs only, please.

  • Infant Equipment: High chairs, bouncers, swings, strollers, activity mats, and stationary chairs are all great items to sell at Rugrats Resale. These items should all be sanitized and function properly.

  • Outdoor Play Equipment: Bikes, trikes, scooters, ride-on toys, playsets, and wagons are examples of items that are accepted. Play equipment must be clean and in good working order.

  • Children’s Furniture: Toddler beds, cribs, mattresses, changing tables, rocking chairs, gliders, and twin size headboards are all accepted. Furniture must not show signs of excessive wear.

  • New or Unopened Baby Items: New items sealed in factory packaging or with the original tags tend to sell very well. For example, unopened diapers and pacifiers sell quickly!​​

​These items are generally accepted; however, they require some special attention. If you plan to consign any of the items listed here, please make sure you follow the restrictions carefully.

  • Maternity and Juniors Clothing: Only at the Rugrats Resale State College and Altoona events, only in season items, and only properly categorized and sized items. Maternity and Juniors will not be accepted in Bellefonte due to space limitations (unless otherwise noted). Items mismarked Maternity or Juniors will not be accepted.

  • Bedding: Used comforters, quilts, crib bumpers, pillows, sleeping bags, and any bedding item that contains fiber fill will only be accepted in the toddler bed/crib size. Twin sized and larger bedding with fiber fill is not accepted. Twin sized sheets and single layer blankets are accepted ONLY if they are kid-themed. PA state law requires that previously owned items with fiber fill be sprayed prior to sale. At this time, the spraying process is too labor intensive for us to accept larger items. For more details, see the spraying section at the bottom of the page.

  • Boppy Nursing Pillows: Boppy nursing pillows may be listed for sale. However, the pillows require spraying by PA state law. Please remove Boppy pillows from their cases prior to drop off. You can attach the pillow case to the Boppy with a safety pin.

  • Bumbo Baby Seats: Bumbo Baby Seats are accepted provided they have been fitted with the free repair kit as detailed in the recall information posted here.

  • Cribs: Cribs must be manufactured after June 28, 2011 per government regulations. Cribs with an earlier date of manufacture will not be accepted. Drop-side cribs are not accepted under any circumstances.

  • Board Games & Puzzles: Board games and puzzles must include all pieces as described on the original box. Games with missing pieces will not be accepted at the sale.

  • Kids Arts & Crafts: New or like-new art supplies and craft projects are always accepted at the sale, as long as they are KID RELATED. Please do not list craft items that have been used. This includes coloring books with missing or colored pages, boxed craft projects that have been opened, and sticker or activity books that have been partially completed.

  • Used Car Seats: Must be less than 5 years old and have the date clearly stamped on it. Consignor also must print and fill out a Car Seat Checklist Form and bring it to drop off. Cars seats within one year of the expiration date will not be accepted no matter how old it is.

  • Potty seats that are THOROUGHLY cleaned and sanitized with no cracks, gouges, stains, or odors may be accepted.

These items are not accepted for consignment with Rugrats Resale.

  • Low Quality items

  • Cribs made before 6.28.11 or drop-side cribs

  • Regular stuffed animals

  • VHS tapes

  • Magnetic toys

  • Helmets

  • Children’s jewelry

  • Twin and larger bedding with fiber fill

  • Used bottle nipples, pacifiers, & sippy cups

  • Used underwear

  • Opened diapers

  • Used breast pumps

  • Used potty seats that are not super-clean

  • Women's or Men's Clothing

  • Non-kid related items such as bedding, decor, or crafts

What are seasonal items?


Shorts, tank tops, sleeveless or spaghetti strap dresses, sandals, flip flops, swim shoes, swimsuits, sand boxes, pools, etc. Basically, anything that would be deemed warmer weather appropriate only.


Winter coats, fleece or fleece lined jackets, snow boots, snowsuits/bibs, sleds, winter hats/gloves, long sleeved shirts, any of the heavier, lined pants/jeans, corduroy, etc. Basically, anything that would be deemed colder weather appropriate only.


All jeans and pants (except the heavier, fleece lined), wind breakers, short sleeved shirts, indoor/outdoor climbing/play toys, bikes, slides, infant onesies, boys white undershirts.


  • Little girls holiday/Christmas dresses that are short sleeved WILL be allowed at our fall events

  • Little girls mini skirts will be allowed at our fall events, but are expected to be paired with sweaters of some sort or leggings to make it a cooler weather "outfit".

Consignor Responsibilities

When you register to consign with Rugrats Resale, you are responsible for:

  • Giving your PC a minimum of 15 sellable items

  • Checking your items for recalls

  • Ensuring your items are the proper season – Fall/Winter or Spring/Summer

It is your responsibility to ensure none of your listed items are recalled. Here are a few resources to use when researching your items:

Consignor Help & Support

We have several resources available to help Consignors with everything from how to use MyRugrats to how to package shoes for the sale!

  • There is a Rugrats Consignor Support Facebook group available! This group gets pretty active leading up to the sale and is a great way to crowd source answers to any questions you may have.

  • While on Facebook, be sure to Like the Rugrats Resale page and to RSVP for the upcoming sales events to keep up with the latest information.

  • Finally, you can reach us directly through our Contact Us page.

Consignor Payments

All payments for Rugrats Sales will be issued through eChecks and sent to you via email. You will then print your check and cash it as you would any other check. Please note, check retrieval links are void after 90 days, as are printed checks. Your MUST print and cash your check before it expires.

You are not required to sign up for an account to retrieve your check; you can scroll down on the page and retrieve it as a guest, however, if you consign regularly, and account makes it easier to track your checks.

Your check should work for mobile deposit, however it may not go through your bank's ATM. If you can't use mobile deposit through your bank's app, going to a teller may be best.

Professional Consignment Service Consignor Agreement

In consideration for the opportunity to participate in and profit from the Rugrats Resale (RR) consignment sale, using the Professional Consignment Service, the undersigned seller agrees to the following:

  1. Seller agrees to hold harmless and make no claim against Annette Thompson (the owner), the Professional Consignors, the event venues, any volunteer, or the insurer of RR for the damage, theft, loss or discrepancies of any items consigned to the RR consignment sale. RR does not anticipate any thefts, damage, or loss, but occasionally these events do occur.

  2. Seller agrees to waive any and all claims for personal injury resulting from participation in the RR consignment sale from whatever cause either foreseen or unforeseen against Annette Thompson (the owner), the Professional Consignors, the event venues, any volunteer, or the insurer of RR.

  3. Seller agrees any items that do not meet RR quality guidelines, are recalled, or are not season appropriate will not be tagged for the sale and will become property of RR. Seller must provide a minimum of 15 items that are acceptable.

  4. Seller is responsible for making sure battery powered items have working batteries. Seller agrees to a $1 per battery fee (deducted from earnings check) for each battery RR must replace.

  5. Seller agrees that during the ½ Price Sale, all items remaining will be listed for half of the tagged price.

  6. Seller agrees that all items remaining after the ½ Price Sale for the first event will be transported to the second event to be sold at that sale.

  7. Seller agrees that all items remaining after the ½ Price Sale of the second sale will be donated to a charity designated by RR. Seller understands that their items will NOT be transported to a third event.

  8. Seller agrees that the distribution of proceeds from the sale of each item will be as follows:

    • RR will receive 60% and the seller will receive 40%.

    • An $8.00 consignor fee will be deducted from the seller’s earnings for each sale.

    • Applicable battery fee, if any, will be deducted from the seller's earnings.​

  9. Seller agrees proceed checks will be sent to the email address listed in the seller's MyResale account.

  10. Seller agrees to cash checks issued as proceeds from the sale within 60 days. Seller proceed checks will be emailed within 5 days after the close of the sale. Seller proceed checks less than $1.00 will not be sent.

  11. Adding your cell number to your account will add you to our Consignor Texting service. You will receive notifications and reminders about consigning, the schedule & other updates to help you succeed as a seller with us. We will do our best not to bug you or send you messages when you're probably asleep. Read below for the required terms & conditions from our messaging provider.

SMS/MMS Terms & Conditions

By participating, you consent to receive recurring autodialed SMS/MMS promotional messages (up to 10 messages per month). No purchase required. Standard message & data rates may apply. At anytime, you may reply STOP to unsubscribe.

The Professional Consignment Service will close on February 21, 2023 for the Spring 2023 Season. Any registrations received after that date will not be processed.

The last day to get items to your Professional Consignors is February 26, 2023.