Tagging is the process of entering the items you want to sell into MyRugrats, printing out the tags, and securing them to your consignment items. It is important that your online inventory is accurate and your printed tags are well secured.

You’ll need a few things to properly tag and package your items for the sale, so grab these before we get started:

  • Hangers

  • Scissors

  • Safety Pins of various sizes

  • Tagging gun & Barbs (optional)

  • Blue Painters Tape

  • Clear packaging tape & Scotch tape

  • Clear zip-top style bags of various sizes

  • String or ribbon

Let’s start tagging!

Entering Items into MyRugrats

Entering items into MyRugrats is the first step of the tagging process. Make sure you have your consignor number handy. If you still need an account, read through our Consignor Overview information on how to get a consignor number.

  • Log into MyRugrats

  • Click Work With Consigned Inventory

  • Click Work With My Consigned Items

  • Select a Category

  • Select a Size

  • Enter a Description

  • Enter a Price

  • Check if the item should be Donated

  • Check if the item should go 1/2 Off

  • Click Submit

Category: It is important to select the correct category for your item so that sales tax can be applied appropriately.

Sizing: An accurate size forecast is essential for setting up the sale. Unfortunately, MyRugrats shows all of our available size options regardless of the category you have selected. This can cause confusion, so please keep the following rules in mind while sizing:

Infant Clothing Sizes: Preemie, 0-3 Months, 3-6 Months, 6-12 Months, 12-18 Months, 18-24 Months, 24 Months

Children’s Clothing Sizes: 2T, 3T, 4T, 5T, 6, 7, 8, 10, 12, 14, 16

*Children’s clothing that is marked XS-XL should be translated to the proper numeric size as this is how it will be categorized for the sale.

Juniors Sizes: XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL

*Junior's clothing is between children's clothing and women's clothing, but is not the same. Children's clothing (sizes 10, 12, etc.) should NOT be marked as Junior's. Women's clothing should not be marked as Juniors. Aeropostale, Hollister, Rue 21, and odd numbered sizing in jeans are junior's clothing.

​If you still have questions about sizing, please post to the Rugrats Consignor Support Group on Facebook.

Description: This should be as descriptive as possible. This field is used to pair lost tags with items should they become separated. The appropriate size should be in the sizing field, but supplemental sizing such as Slim or Plus can be added to the description.


The most successful Consignors price their items appropriately. We recommend 30% of the original retail price as a good starting point. Budget brands should be priced slightly lower than better brands. Items in excellent condition, or new with tags, may also be priced higher. Here are some clothing guidelines:

Price items in 50 cent increments. The minimum price for any single item is $.50. This pricing is on a trial basis. Please do not use this price point as an opportunity to price junk. Bundles of smaller things are still encouraged.

For advice from experienced Consignors, feel free to post pricing questions in the Rugrats Consignor Support Group on Facebook.

Identifying Tag Components:

Refer to the diagram below to identify features of the Rugrats Resale item tag.

Printing Tags:

Once you have all your items entered into MyRugrats, it’s time to print! When printing, please use heavy paper or card stock. Anything 28 pound or greater should work. Tags should be printed on bright white paper; tags printed on dark colored paper will not be accepted. Finally, do not modify your tags by hand. If you need to make changes to a tag, please make the change in MyRugrats and reprint the tag. Hand modified tags can create a lot of confusion at checkout; therefore, they will not be accepted at the sale.

  • Log into MyRugrats

  • Click Work With Consigned Inventory

  • Click Print All Tags

  • Use your web browser’s print function to print preview your tags

  • If tags are cut off in print preview:
    reduce the page margins in your browser’s print settings OR
    go back to the Consignor Item Entry page and choose
    Print All Tags as PDF. * DO NOT use this option with Firefox on a Mac.

  • Print a single test page to ensure the print quality is good

  • Print the rest of your tags!

Tag Quality:

Pay special attention to the printed tags. The print quality of the barcode is critical for making sure your item is properly credited to you during the sale. High quality tags speed up the checkout process and help keep our line moving. You will be asked to re-tag any items with poor quality tags during drop off.

*Note: If using a colored printer, be sure to set the options for black & white printing! This is important because although you may not be able to see color on the tag, it is there and will not scan.

Tagging Clothing:

  • All clothing must be hung and secured on hangers*

  • Secure clothing to hangers with safety pins. DO NOT USE STRAIGHT PINS! Your secured items should be able to withstand a fall to the floor without coming off the hanger.

  • The hook of the hanger should be facing left, like a question mark.

  • Hang a two-piece outfit with the shirt on a hanger, pinning the skirt/pants on with two large safety pins at the shoulder seams. Or, hang each item on separate hangers and tie the hangers together.

  • Bundle multiple items on hangers together with rubber bands or string. This is a great way to sell onesies!

  • Use safety pins** (not straight pins) to pin the appropriate tag on the locations shown in the diagram. Please don’t hide your tags elsewhere! If we can’t find your tags, we can’t sell your item.

  • Take care not to obscure any of the tag information, especially the barcode.

Tagging Toys & Equipment:

  • Large Equipment PA state law requires us to spray any item with fiber fill that a child may have slept on. This includes pack ‘n plays, high chairs, Jumperoos, bouncy seats, and strollers. It is important to use safety pins (not tape!) on these items to ensure the tag does not fall off during spraying. Please pin the tag on the headrest or seat of these items. Pack ‘n Plays should have the tag pinned on the outside of the short rail.

  • Toys Large items should have the sale tag attached with clear packaging tape. Small items and groups of items should be bagged in clear zip-top bags and sealed with packaging tape. Tape or pin the tag to the bag.

  • Shoes Tie laces or zip tie shoes together. Shoes in zip-top bags sealed with packaging tape should be a last resort. Pin the tag through the shoelaces or attach with string or ribbon. Do not list shoes in a box without attaching them together; they will become separated.

  • Books, DVDs, and CDs Use string to tie bundles of books together when possible. Put paperbacks in zipper bags when necessary to keep from taping the tags on the cover. Painter's tape works great for individual books not in bags!

  • Small items such as bibs, hair bows, socks, etc., should be bagged and sealed. Do not tape the tag with clear tape to a paper book cover or DVD sleeve as it may rip when removing it, although painter's tape may work well.