Transferring Inventory

When transferring your inventory from one sale city to another, always remember to prepare your items in this order:

-->ALWAYS Transfer first! Always transfer first, and keep all your consigned inventory in the same sale. Don’t transfer just part of it- always transfer all of it. You can inactivate out of season items, but always transfer it all.

-->Add new items.


Inventory cannot be transferred until all the sale reports of the completed sale have been run and the system is closed; please DO NOT attempt to transfer before then.  I will send out an email when that has been completed and you can begin your transfer. 

Transferring is a two part process. You must transfer out of the completed sale, and receive into the upcoming sale. Please follow the process all the way to the end. This is SUPER IMPORTANT! 


1.  Organize your items by size and gender.  Check to make sure each tag is still attached, and each garment is still secured on the hanger.   Pack them back up neatly to make them easier to put out on the racks.

2.  Register for the sale you are transferring to if you haven't already.  If you are assigned a random number that does not match your current number, please email me at so I can make both numbers the same.  If the numbers aren't the same, you'll need to reprint and attach new tags after transferring.

Once you have received the email that the system is ready for transfers, you can begin the next steps:


3.  Login to your account for the sale that you wish to transfer from using the Login links at the top of this page.  

4.  Your Consignor Homepage will open.  Click on the drop-down Activities Menu to display the options, then click on Work With Consigned Inventory. 

5.  Your Consignor Inventory Menu will open.  Click on the drop-down Transfer Inventory arrow and select Move Inventory Out. 

6.  This will bring up your Transfer Inventory Page.  Click on the IMPORTANT! Click to Read tab.  This explains that transferring inventory is not a guarantee that you won’t need to retag, however, if your consignor number and password are the same and you haven’t added any new items to the second sale before the transfer (causing an override on item numbers when transferred), you won’t need to reprint or retag.

7.  Click on the drop-down arrow beside Chose Sale to Transfer To, and click on the sale that you'd like to transfer to inventory into. ​Enter your consignor number and password, then scroll down and click on all items that you would like to transfer.  You can also use the Check/Uncheck All button if you are transferring everything.  Then click Submit Transfer. 

8.  A pop-up box will ask if you’re sure that you want to transfer.  Click OK.  Once you have received confirmation that the batch has been transferred, log out of that sale system. 



9.  Login to the account that you are transferring into using your consignor number and password.  From the Consignor Homepage, click the Activities Menu drop-down button, and select Work with Consigned Inventory, as you previously did in your other account. 

10.  The Consignor Inventory Menu will come up.  Click the Transfer Inventory drop-down arrow and select Receive Inventory In. 

THAT’S IT!  You’re all done with the transfer!

One final note: Be sure to choose a drop off appointment.  If you are listed on the Fast Pass page, you still need a drop off appointment but there is one specified for Fast Pass Consignors.  This option gives you a longer period of time in which to drop your things off since you get to skip inspection.

Thank you for consigning with Rugrats Resale!