Why join the Rugrats Crew? Because Crew members get to shop the presale first! Check out these two options:

Become a Provider!

If you don't have the time or desire to work the labor shifts of the sale, be a provider instead! Providers are helpers that are not on payroll, but rather provide the sale with either food or referrals.

  • FOOD PROVIDERS: Items to be provided include pizza, soda, sandwiches, snacks, and gift cards. Each "shift" should cost about $15 and needs delivered to the sale site during the designated time. If shopping with a friend or family member, consider signing up for two of the same pizza shifts to save time and money!
    To sign up for a food provider shift, login to your account, click on "Worker Shifts" and sign up for whatever you'd like to provide. Remember to check the times and dates as that is when we need those things brought to the sale venue.

  • REFERRAL PROVIDERS: If you have a friend that has been on the fence about consigning, talk her into signing up! When she signs up, she should put your name in the referral box. If she participates in the sale with at least 20 items, YOU get to shop early! After the system shuts down for tagging, you'll receive an email saying you've been added to the "referral" work shift. Note: if your friend does not show up for drop off, you'll be removed from the referral shift!

Join the Staff!

If being in the middle of all the sale excitement is more for you, then consider joining our staff!

  • Each staff member must be able to run register on sale days OR lift 60 pounds or more for setup and tear down. Unfortunately, Rugrats is not currently hiring people who do not perform one of these tasks.

  • Staff members who can work multiple sales in a season will be given first choice of work hours.

  • All staff members are regular employees who will recieve their paycheck (minus tax deductions) via direct deposit, and a W2 at then end of the year. Staff members are reported to the state as employees and covered by all appropriate insurances.

  • Hourly pay starts at $12 and can increase over time based on the tasks you do and the number of sales in which you participate.

Still interested? Visit our Staff Onboarding page to sign up!