Staff Onboarding

So you are ready to join the Rugrats Staff. Now what?

This staff checklist will walk you through every step of the process. Please be sure to read carefully though as some steps can't be started until others are confirmed or finished. 

Note: these things only need to be completed one time. Once you are in the payroll system, you will not need to do these steps again.

1- Fill out the online application.

Online Application

After submitting the application, please DO NOT proceed with this checklist until you receive a response.

2- Complete the Employee Hiring Record.

Employee Hiring Record

Print and fill out the Employee Hiring Record Sections A & B. Use section D to check off completed items as you go along this checklist. You'll get the uploading instructions in Step 6.

3- Complete the Residency Certification Form.

Residency Certification Form

This form can be filled out online, then printed and signed. If you'd prefer, you can print the blank form and fill the whole thing out by hand; whichever is easiest for you. This is to verify your physical address for local taxes.

You can find your PSD Code here.

4- Complete the Federal W-4.

Federal W-4: Employee's Withholding Certificate

Like the last form, you can fill it out and print it or print it and fill it out. Only page 1 is necessary; the other pages are for reference. This is for your tax withholding.

5- Complete the I-9.

Form I-9: Employment Eligibility Verification

Complete Section 1, and look over Page 3. You'll need to upload either one item from List A OR 1 item from each List B and C with this form. This is to verify that you are legal to work in the United States.

6- Upload all documents.

Scan and upload all documents from steps 2-5 into a Google Drive folder. The name of the folder should be your first and last name. Please clearly name each file. Files should be in PDF, JPEG, or PNG format. Then share the whole folder with

If you are unable to upload, you can mail everything to
Annette Thompson
PO Box 172
Newry, PA 16665
You will likely want to send it certified mail with a tracking number since it contains such sensitive information. If neither of these work, please email for other options. 

7- Create an account at WaveApps.

Once all your paperwork is processed, you'll receive an invitation from Rugrats for WaveApps. This is our accounting software and where you will recieve your paystubs and W-2 at the end of the year. 

Once you create your account using the link in the email, go to the Payroll tab on the left side menu to see your paystubs and tax forms (when available). 

To change your direct deposit information, go to the Settings Tab at the bottom of the left side menu and look under Direct Deposit. 

If you have any questions about this program, feel free to email

That's it! You're all done. Sale hours will be offered to you as they become available. See you at the next sale!