Rugrats Presale

Presale is an opportunity for anyone to shop the sale early! While our Workers and Consignors always shop earlier than anyone, a limited number of Rugrats Presale passes are available to shop from 5pm to 8pm on our Presale Day (4:30pm to 6pm in Altoona & Clearfield).

​The cost is $10. Your emailed confirmation is your ticket so please have it available when you check in. Ticket holders will give their name to the greeter at the door so be sure to put the correct name on the check out page.

Each ticket admits 1 attendee. Babies in carriers are free with a ticketed adult. All kids walking must have a ticket.

**Because of the narrow aisles, large crowds and fire code/safety concerns, please note that Rugrats Resale events at Lambert Hall in Bellefonte do not permit children at the Friday evening Presale UNLESS they are carried in a front/back carrier of some sort. Strollers/Car Seats are not permitted.**

Rugrats State College & Bellefonte

Presale Schedule: 2:00 PM-8:00 PM

2:00 PM- All Workers

3:00 PM- All Providers (Snacks and/or referrals)

4:00 PM- Consignors

5:00 PM- Presale Ticket Holders

Rugrats Altoona

​Presale Schedule: 4:00 PM-6:00 PM

4:00 PM- All Workers & Providers

4:30 PM- Consignors & Presale Pas Holders