Spring 2023 Updates

Welcome back, Rugrats Consignors!

One quick note regarding the spring 2023 sale season: The Altoona and Bellefonte sale systems are open now, however the State College and Clearfield sale systems won't open until February 1, 2023. If your items are already in Bellefonte or Altoona, it's okay to tag there for now, then transfer items to State College (the first sale) when it's open for tagging.

In case you missed it, the things listed below are the changes that took effect beginning with the Fall 2022 season.


There are quite a few changes for the Fall Sale Season that I want to go over with you, and many of them are big changes, so it is important that you read this notice the whole way through.

Let's get started!

  1. STAFF- There will be no more volunteer or unpaid work shifts for the sale events. Beginning in August 2022, all work during the sale will be done by paid staff on official payroll. If you are interested in working this, please let me know. This also means that there will be no more increased percentages. All regular consignors will get 70% of their items' selling price, but workers will get a paycheck as well.

  2. PAYMENTS- All consignor payments for the fall sale will be issued through eChecks and will arrive in your email. You will click on a link, print a check, then mobile deposit it or take it to a bank teller. Your ATM machine may not accept it. There will be no more PayPal payments or checks through the mail, and all payments will be received just a few days after the sale ends- likely on Tuesdays.

  3. CONSIGNMENT FEE- Because of the rise in operating costs, the consignor fee will go from $7 to $8.

  4. NON PICKUP FEE- Beginning in August, anyone who does not mark their items to donate but fails to pick up will be charged a $15 fee. If you decide that you don't want to pick up your unsold items and they aren't marked for donate, then you can email RugratsResaleEvents@gmail.com BEFORE THE SUNDAY SALE ENDS to let me know and you won't be charged the fee. Not picking up may seem minor, but it is actually creates a lot more work and takes more time when we have to wait for consignors to come who never arrive, then pack and load it up into a car that is already full because the donated items are already gone from the venue.

  5. PICK UP TIMES- During the spring, we had such great sell through rates that we finished sorting much earlier than planned. Because we never know exactly how long this will take, pick up times announced before the sale begins will be an educated ESTIMATE only, based on the number or items entered for the sale. Final pick up times will be emailed and texted on Sunday morning when we have a better idea of what is left.

  6. JUST KIDS NAME & LOGO- After many years in business, I have decided to retire the Just Kids name and Logo. The Lambert Hall sale will go by Rugrats Resale Bellefonte. Same exact sale, just different name. It's expensive and exhausting keeping up with two brandings and gives Rugrats overall a more cohesive look.

  7. FALL COMBINED SALE- Much like we did in the spring of 2020, Rugrats State College & Bellefonte will have a combined sale this fall at Lambert Hall. The Grange Fairgrounds will not work for our fall State College sale, and I am looking for a new home for that event. I know Lambert Hall is small, but I am working on a plan that will include tents for extra space. All items for this sale will need to be entered into the Rugrats Bellefonte sale system since that is the venue we are using. Just to recap, there will only be ONE FALL SALE in Centre County this year instead of two. There will not be an event in September. Rugrats Altoona will take place as usual.

  8. PORCH PICK UP PROGRAM- Previously, we have offered two ways to consign. Do it yourself as a regular consignor or use the Professional Consignment Service and have someone tag for you. Both of these ways give you a percentage of the final sales; more profit if you tag yourself, and a little less profit if someone tags for you. Now there is a third way. The Porch Pick Up program will give you money up front and we will even come get it! This is the easiest way to get something for your items, but you will get far less than consigning it because your buyer is taking all the risk. More information will be released on this program in the upcoming weeks.

  9. CONSIGNOR REFERRAL PROGRAM- Folks, I have been trying to figure out how to do a referral program for YEARS and never seem to find something that I like. So let's try this. For every new consignor someone refers, they get $5 Baby Bucks to spend at the sale and anyone who refers any new consignor also gets to shop at the Provider presale time (since you provided a referral!). The new consignor must put the referral name in the referral spot when they create their account and drop off at least 25 accepted items to sell and have never consigned at any Rugrats event before. Baby Bucks can picked up when you come to shop.

And that's all for now! Thank you for reading, and if you have any questions or comments, feel free to post them in the Rugrats Resale Consignor Support Facebook group.